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Everyone needs support now and then. Sometimes we need advice, sometimes we need to vent and sometimes we just want to share some good news and give other people hope. Whether you're looking for an in person support group, an internet based support system or the convenience of a mailing list, try looking here. You're likely to find a group that fits your needs. If you know of any support groups not listed, please send them in so we can get them posted.


Stepfamily Association of America (By State)
Step Family Foundation Counselors (By State)
Step Carefully! (Fort Smith, Arkansas) 501-522-7490
Sacramento Counseling & Psychology (Roseville, California) 916-956-7762
Stepfamily Support Group (Camarillo, California) 805-987-5437
Stepfamily Support Group (Santa Ana, California) 714-637-7900
StepParent &StepFamily Support Group (Boulder, Colorado) 303-661-9496
Stepfamily Support Group (Overland Park, Kansas) 913-262-9037
St. Mark's United Methodist Church (Lincoln, Nebraska) 489-8885
Stepping Stones Counseling Center (Ridgewood, New Jersey) 201-444-3686

Stepfamily Suport Group (St. George, Utah) 688-4123
Stepfamily Consultation & Counseling (Seattle, Washington) 206-329-1711
Stepfamily Zone (Australia)
Blended/Step Family Support (Cambridge, New Zealand) 827-6437 or 025-862170
Stepparent Support Group (Vancouver, BC) 604-730-6000
Step Mother Coffee Groups (By State)

Message Boards/Groups

Stepping Stones Clubs at Yahoo!
Blended Families
Non-Custodial Parents
All Step Parents



Step Moms
Step Dads
Step Parents
Step Mom
Step Moms in Need
Steps Without Bio Children